The Pogo Stick Pirates are a crew of pirates that ride on pogo sticks.


The members come in three different appearances. One of the appearances are pirates with blue beards and pointed teeth. They wear tricorns hat with a jolly roger, brown shirts and orange pants. Another appearance is pirates with orange beards and one tooth. They wear black bandannas that also have jolly rogers, white long-sleeved shirts with green vests and dark green pants. They also have red tattoos on their left arms. The last appearance is pirates with light orange hair and earrings. They wear red shirts with yellow buttons, bands on their left wrists, and blue pants. They also have green parrots on their shoulders.

The thing they have in common are black shoes with buckles.

The ship they ride on also has a pogo and a sail with a jolly roger that's a skull with a pogo stick.