The Ripley Van Ripend Book of World Records is a book written by Ripend Van Ripend that lists all the records in the world.

List of RecordsEdit

  • Using the most sunblock - Mel Greenrind
  • Fearing the most things in the world - Bingo
  • Most offkey singer to perform in public - Tiffany Pears
  • Carrying the most sea urchins of top of your head (1000)
  • Longest duck calling history
  • Parasail crash landing
  • Most dangerous skating
  • Juggling the most animals (Bear, Lion, Shark, Rattlesnake)
  • Biggest tin foil ball - Slip and Slide
  • World's smartest brain
  • Biggest tooth
  • Most cobra kisses
  • Most annoying coconut in history
  • Attempting the most records in one day - Coconut Fred

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