Spells is the name of a book which contains magic spells used by Coconut Fred.

List of SpellsEdit

  • Presto Invisibus Palmius: Makes a palm tree invisible.
  • Lemonus Pigius: Turns a lemon into a pig.
  • Prettius Girlius: Turns someone into a pretty girl.
  • Citrius Frogius: Turns someone into a frog.
  • Presto Reversio Cherrius: Makes a cherry float upside down.
  • Floatius Obvious: Levitates someone into outer space.
  • Hardius Stonius: Turns someone into a rock.
  • Extremelius Smellius: Turns someone into a foot with their legs remaining.
  • Strangis Objecticus: Turns someone into modern art.
  • Bagpipius Betterus: Makes someone skilled at playing bagpipes, but gets their hands turned into lobster claws.
  • Reversus Everythingus Backius to Normalenium: Reverses everything back to normal.
  • Bigmus Coconutius: Makes a coconut gigantic.