The Squeaky Board is a board which lists all the rules by Mr. Greenrind, usually written by Bingo.

List of RulesEdit

  • No Swimming Without Pants
  • No Fires
  • No Dancing in Sand Domes
  • No Talking to Bubble Clams
  • No Need For Thanks
  • No Eating Rocks
  • No Pie Fights
  • No Eating Crackers in Bed
  • No Butt Signing
  • No Body Love Me
  • No Copying Answers
  • No Anteaters
  • No Misuse of the Letter Q
  • No Talking Back
  • No One Undertards Me
  • No Tweeting After Midnight
  • No Catch Phrases
  • No Kids in the Hallway
  • No Fun without Fun-Form
  • No Volcanoes
  • No Magic for Fred
  • No Spinning
  • No Thanks
  • No Yelling at the Life Guard
  • No Sanding
  • No Clam-Digging
  • No Littering
  • No Playing
  • No Skipping
  • No Pranks
  • No Songs
  • No Loitering
  • No Jumping
  • No Horseplaying
  • No Swimming
  • No Running by the Pool
  • No Banana Splits
  • No Big Splash Competition
  • No Hovering in Midair
  • No Sand Eating
  • No Shooting Greenrind with the Confetti Cannon
  • No Talking with your Mouth Full
  • No Playing Fun
  • No Jumping on the Chains
  • No Eating Trees
  • No Hovercrafts Near my Sand Castle
  • No Fibbing

Changed RulesEdit

In Episode 7, when Coconut Fred bent the squeaky board when Mr. Greenrind told him to "bend the rules", the board broke into pieces. So Fred glued back the pieces only into different rules.

  • Rule#1: Yell at Clams
  • Rule#2: Everyone Hula when they hear the word "the"
  • Always run by the Pool
  • No Seconds for Mr. Greenrind

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